About Us


Akors was founded in Baltimore, Maryland by Stephen Sroka and built on core values of integrity, social responsibility, and possibility. At Akors, our vision is to be the highest value provider of services for our clients and to create opportunity for our associates — all while being mindful of our presence in this world.

Part of our philosophy is to constantly reflect on our methods and, as necessary, make appropriate improvements.  With each adjustment, our goal is to become more efficient and effective so to ultimately provide a better product for our clients and to create an everlasting workplace for our associates.  Emphasizing the value of a relationship and importance of each beings’ dignity are intrinsic to our thought process.

We are committed to sustainability; in reducing the environmental impact of our operations and by delivering ever-greener products to our clients.  We consult with our clients to help increase their social responsibility efforts through green business best practices.  Additionally, we are dedicated to giving back to our communities and charitable giving is an important aspect of our business model.  We work with multiple charities and organizations to help fulfill their missions.

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